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Our Product: Eco

Eco Dashboard
Eco Dashboard
Eco – Constraint Screen
Eco – Analysis Screen
Eco DashboardPrescriptionsInterventionsEco – Constraint ScreenEco – Analysis Screen

Table 2. Summary statistics for the final landscape at the end of the 100 year planning horizon using a median dispersal distance of 40 km. Shown is the number of woodland caribou habitat patches, number of links, total preferred habitat area, and the overall landscape Equivalent Connected Area (ECA; a measure of woodland caribou habitat connectivity and area).

Our Work

Eco App

Eco App

Eco is a web-based forest management decision support tool. It enables you to evaluate your…

Uneven-Aged Management In The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region Of Ontario

Uneven-Aged Management in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region of Ontario

Making useful spatial forest planning models in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region of Ontario…

Economic AAC In Nova Scotia

Economic AAC in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (NSDNR) wanted to perform their Annual Allowable Cut…

Managing Caribou Habitat In Northern Ontario

Managing Caribou Habitat in Northern Ontario

The Ontario government wants to plan their forest management to take Caribou habitat into consideration.…

Preserving Hazel Grouse Habitat In Norrland, Sweden

Preserving Hazel Grouse Habitat in Norrland, Sweden

The Heureka team in Umeå Sweden wanted to incorporate an animal habitat preservation module into…

Embassy To Central Europe

Embassy to Central Europe

The Polish State Forest company, Lasy Państwowe, is looking at incorporating sophisticated decision support systems into…

Client Testimonials

I worked with Andrew recently on a pilot project in his Eco Model. Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He delivered the project on a tight deadline, and to specifications. Andrew is a proven innovator, and a great communicator and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

-- Rob Keron, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Andrew is gifted in forestry and operations research and is very able in finding adequate optimization methods to difficult forest planning problems. In addition to these skills, he delivers nice software solutions. I very much look forward to opportunities to work with him again in the future.

--Ljusk Ola Eriksson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Andrew worked on a tight deadline, delivered the project on time and to spec, and communicated well with us throughout.

-- Dirk Kloss, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Andrew came to me highly recommended and he exceeded my expectations by delivering a significant contribution to my research program. Andrew worked on a research project for me during the Summer and Fall of 2015 during which he developed a model for conserving caribou habitat alongside timber harvests that improved on earlier models. He is both very reliable and intelligent

-- David Martell, University of Toronto

About Us


Eco Modelling was founded by Andrew B. Martin in 2014.

Our goal is to help planners make optimal management decisions. To this end, we make software tools that support these decisions.

We specialize in spatial modelling, wood-to-mill modelling, and harvest planning alongside species at risk.

We also consult on interesting projects in operations research, data acquisition and machine learning.

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